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Brand: Rosa Impex
AFTERSHAVE BALSAM MEN'S MASTER  The allantoin, the bisabolol and the D-panthenol ensure the vitalization and the moisturizing of the skin, while the menthol refreshes the skin.The tea tree, the burdock and the rosemary help to soothe the skin after shaving.  ..
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Brand: Rosa Impex
AFTERSHAVE LOTION MEN'S MASTER The complex of vitamins E, C, F and red pepper stimulate and tonify. The rosemary, the hamamelis, the sumac, the burdock and the menthol moisturize and soothe the skin.Apply after shaving, avoiding the area around the eyes...
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Brand: Rosa Impex
REJUVENATING FACE CREAM MEN'S MASTERThe collagen and the hyaluronic acid help for reducing the visible wrinkles.The SEPITONIC™ M3 mineral complex helps the skin detoxification, the activation of the cell metabolism and the breathing of the skin.Vitamins E, C, F and D-panthenol nourish and regen..
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Brand: Rosa Impex
SHAVING FOAM ” ALOE AND GREEN TEA” MEN'S MASTER 200ml Provides smooth and safe shave.The green tea and the aloe moisturize and reduce irritation.Application: Shake the container. Apply the foam on a wet face. After shaving, wash with lukewarm water...
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