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Herbal Time Phytocare Nourishing and Permanent Hair Colour

Herbal Time Phytocare Nourishing and Permanent Hair Colour
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Herbal Time Phytocare Nourishing and Permanent Hair Colour
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  • 1Ν-Black
  • 3N-Bitter Chocolate
  • 4Ν-Dark Brown
  • 4R-Dark Sourcherry
  • 4V-Aubergin
  • 5C-Golden Chestnut
  • 5N-Cocoa
  • 5NA-Ice Brown
  • 5WN-Chocolate
  • 6NR-Rich Mahogany
  • 6R-Red
  • 6WN-Mokaccino
  • 7C-Warm Copper
  • 7Ν-Dark Blonde
  • 8A-Ash Blonde
  • 8N-Natural Blonde
  • 9B-Beige Blonde
  • 9Ν-Light Blonde
  • 10Ν-Bright Blonde
  • Product – The Herbal Time Phytocare hair colour ensures optimal coverage of grey hair and has a natural formula based on vegan ingredients. The box contains a dyeing gel, an activation emulsion, a phyto concentrate, a mask, instructions for use and protective gloves - all you need for effective application.
  • Natural hair colour – Enjoy strong and healthy hair thanks to the permanent hair colour from Herbal Time, which consists of 100% vegan ingredients, 10 plant extracts and 5 natural oils, and protects and nourishes your hair from damage caused by hair dyeing.
  • Nourishes and protects the hair – the pure formula of this permanent hair colour is free from ammonia, SLS and mineral oils, so that the hair does not dry out and the scalp is not irritated. It is also free from PPD (paraphenylendiamin) and resorcinol and reduces the risk of allergies thanks to its composition. The ingredients are shown in the listing.
  • Application: the permanent dye is applied to dry hair and takes 30-35 minutes to work. When used on the grown roots, you leave it to work for 20 minutes.
  • Hair care – dyeing can damage our hair and our scalp, so Herbal Time has been developed to take the maximum care of our hair. It is made from 100% vegan ingredients that prepare our hair for dyeing and make it strong and healthy.

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